The modular AQUARAIL-system can be wall mounted, even on existing tiles, and requires only a central water feed. The Single-Rail’s mixed water pipe provides all taps with sufficient water at the temperature you require. This means you can supply all consumers, such as basin, shower, bath and whatever you wish.
The modular system makes it very easy to create the bathroom of your dreams, be it a luxury bathroom or a barrier-free bathroom. Even if all you have is one pipe and a utility room. The rail not only supplies the water, it doubles as a hand rail for orientation and safety. The system is child’s play to install. The wall-mounted holders are screw mounted to suit the nature of the surface and everything else has a simple push-on connection. And the nice feature is that you can still have a central water temperature control. A wide range of variations are available, from local through to central operation, with cable connection or remote control, electronic mixers or manual thermostatic mixers. Of course, it goes without saying that you can set your own preferred temperature at any time.